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Do you like open world offline and free roam games? Do you like sandbox games where you can do everything you want? Than this is the game for you!

Miami Sim City Life Simulator 3D is an open world, role playing, third person simulator game. The big map, inspired by cities like Miami vice city and los Angeles, is fully explorable: you can walk around the city, buy cars, race against people, fight the crime, complete contracts, activities, take on different jobs, buy houses and more. The best part is, this is an open world game with the best mobile graphics. You can even play this open world game offline!


Take full control of the city of Miami Vice City, a city full of life, activities, social life and more. Hand out with friends, meet new people, and more. This is an open world game for fans of social life, open world like 3d games and social life simulation games.


Car, weapons, money.. everything you need you can find it here! It’s a true life simulation game!

In Miami City Life Simulator 3D you can use different types of motor vehicle, grand theft auto missions to take over the city and outrun the police, or you can be a correct citizen, take on jobs, and living a normal life. A big open world game with missions, jobs, activities that you can play online or offline for free!



Welcome to "BalkanMania" a thrilling game that combines the vibrant Balkan culture with high-speed car action! Dive into an immersive open world where you'll find yourself in the driver's seat, tackling exciting missions, and exploring the Balkans like never before. Get ready to rev your engines and experience the adrenaline-fueled adventure of a lifetime!


Unleash the Balkan Spirit: Immerse yourself in the lively Balkan atmosphere as you navigate through beautifully rendered cities, countryside, and historic landmarks. Feel the pulse of the region with , traditional architecture, and a vibrant color palette that captures the essence of the Balkans.

Diverse Car Selection: Choose from a wide range of powerful cars, from sleek sports cars to robust off-road vehicles, each meticulously designed to deliver a unique driving experience. Upgrade and customize your vehicles to maximize performance and style, making them truly your own.

Exciting Missions: Take on thrilling missions that will push your driving skills to the limit. Explore a variety of landscapes, from winding mountain roads to bustling city streets, as you complete objectives.

Stunning Graphics and Immersive Soundtrack: Immerse yourself in the stunning visuals of the Balkans, brought to life with realistic graphics, detailed environments, and breathtaking scenery. Let the vibrant soundtrack transport you to the heart of the region, creating an unforgettable gaming experience.



Project ME features an open-world setting with a cozy vibe, a larger map promising an expansive oasis landscape for exploration. As the governor of a new settlement, players will run a town as well as their home, along with much more freedom to customize the home and manage the town at scale. Cooperative features are planned for this new title focusing on forming positive social experiences, as players can visit other settlements to help others build their towns in cooperative gameplay.

Key Features

Open-World Exploration – A vast, open world containing at least eight regions of various landforms. This world will carry out the originality of the “My Time” universe but will feature new storylines, lores, and roleplaying.

Building and Management Simulation – Doing what it did best in the simulation space but enhancing greater degrees of customization, interior decor, homestead construction, expanding to town planning and running as a governor.



The fan-made GTA 6 Android game by GKD Gaming Studio is just like other games in the series where players can freely roam and explore the game world. Players can drive various cars, bikes, and use weapons. The controls in the game are easy to use but the camera sensitivity is too high, making it difficult for some players to get used to the game. Additionally, the map in the game is small, which can limit players’ ability to explore the game world.

Features of GTA 6 Mobile : 

Free Roam Gameplay

Various Vehicles

Weapon System

Easy Controls but High Camera Sensitivity

In-Development Mode

Fan-Made version

Low File Size

The fan-made GTA 6 Android game is still in the development stage and may contain some bugs and glitches. However, it is free to play and can be downloaded from our websites.

Note: Please note that this is a fan-made game and it’s not affiliated with Rockstar Games, so it might not have the same level of quality and features as you see in official games.



Play the most realistic driving simulator of 2023! (version 1.46.5)

A new open world, over 85 new cars, and amazing gameplay await you!

Play online with real players from all over the world, win, and earn currency you can spend on new cars, upgrades, garages, and a house.

Cruise all over the city with your friends, upgrade your cars, enter and win insane races, explore a large city, and become the best!


- A fun, free-to-play game that's a blast to play.

- Online and single-player modes.

- 3D open world.

- Daily bonuses and quests.

- Fully detailed car models.

- Drive from a first- or third-person perspective.

- 360-degree car interiors.

- Lots of interactive elements in the car models.

- Realistic physics and sounds effects.

- A mechanic with lots of upgrade options for your cars.

- Interactive gas station.

- Exciting missions in the form of quests, arcade challenges, and races.

- Dynamic day-night cycle.




Reborn as a DEEEER after losing consciousness for saving a deer!

DEEEER Simulator: Future World is live! Continue your chaotic experience in the Future World!

New enemies incoming! Human-shaped goats! Robotic bears! Enemies from the Modern World now have the powers you had never seen before!

Is the DEEEER still able to have a nice and slow life in the future city?! Be the DEEEER in the Future World!


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