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Game town studio brings for you very latest and next generation free to play Tuk Tuk Rickshaw Driver Simulator 3D. You are the pro driver of Auto Tuk Tuk Crazy Rickshaw and your duty is pick up the passengers and drive through the dangerous and challenging mountainous areas and drop passengers safely to their desired destinations. Fully detailed 3d environment and beautiful scenic eye catching views are more attract to the passengers of Mountain Auto Tuk Tuk Driver. Be careful when u ride the Mountain Auto Tuk Tuk Rickshaw on Zigzag hilly mountain roads. Hill climbing and turns give you a real hill driving experience. Unexpected traffic vehicles like buses, van, Lorries, trucks, cars, and other vehicles on hilly mountain roads can hit you so drive carefully to avoid the traffic accidents. Slow down your speed when you take turn on hilly mountain zigzag and curvy roads. Tuk Tuk Crazy Rickshaw Driver Simulator 3D is a fully packed game of driving which include speed driving, parking, animated characters, Pick and Drop services in hilly mountain areas.

Features of Uphill Tuk Tuk Crazy Rickshaw Game 3D:

- Challenging levels for ultimate fun

- Multiple driving modes.

- A complete Hill Station Environment to Explore

- Multiple Camera views to Enhance Gameplay

- Extreme Tuk Tuk Driving on offroad.

- It's a level based hill simulation and parking game

- Tilt and Touch controls available

- Attractive gameplay

- Fully detailed environment

- Simple and smooth controls. 


Indian Auto Rickshaw Game 2022

ByteRaft Presents new indian rickshaw Game adventurous auto rickshaw driving indian auto rickshaw driver in village. Play this ultimate simulator and become a Real driver of Auto Rickshaw games and. There are a number of Missions which has to be completed by an expert indian heavy rickshaw driver or if you want to drive freely in the city without picking passengers there is a free mode also.

Indian Rickshaw Game 2022

Enjoy our most famous Indian Rickshaw Driving Simulator from all tuk tuk games. In Indian rickshaw driver game You can drive through mountain routes or even through city highways. In our rickshaw driver game you will give pick and drop service to all passengers or even pick passangers auto rickshaw driver jungle. In this Modern Indian Tuk Tuk Auto Rickshaw Drive your three wheeler tempo game real rickshaw driving skills will be tested. And there are various Rickshaws in this indian rickshaw game simulator game.

Indian rickshaw simulator game 2022: 3 wheeler auto games

Being a Tuk Tuk City Rickshaw Driver you have to pick & drop your passengers tuk tuk auto rickshaw mountain to their destination, but be careful to reach in time! in your tuk tuk auto rickshaw off road Make sure you drive fast and fight the crazy heavy traffic to pick and drop to your tuk tuk auto rickshaw passenger to their destination. You will get an opportunity to do some crazy city rickshaw drifting and tuk tuk auto rickshaw 3d stunt in heavy traffic! Who doesn’t like that? rickshaw jungle game So, get ready to drive a public transport and have a thrilling pick and drop adventure in rickshaw chalane wala game.


Set off on an exciting challenging journey on your tuk tuk auto rickshaw driving and give pick and drop services. If you are crazy enough to take up a challenge to drive a tuk tuk auto rickshaw in a busy city then city auto rickshaw is for you! Have you ever raced with sports cars in a city rickshaw? Now is your chance to experience this crazy city auto games rickshaw adventure! Drive fast and feel the breeze on your face in your city auto rickshaw and have the time of your life while providing pick and drop services! Become a public transport driver and race with other cars. This city rickshaw easy to drive and lightweight public transport, which is great to fight the heavy traffic! If you want to fly on busy roads while also doing your job then hop on your public transport rickshaw!


-Unlock more levels by completing the first level

-Do crazy drifting in your tuk tuk rickshaw simulator

-Drive public transport and face the challenging heavy traffic

-Pick and drop your passengers on your tuk tuk auto rickshaw on time

-Realistic pick and drop experience with tuk tuk city rickshaw driving

-Fight heavy traffic to reach your destination in a crazy city rickshaw simulator

-Face exciting and thrilling tuk tuk auto rickshaw challenges

-Complete your tasks in limited time by fighting heavy traffic by driving tuk tuk auto rickshaw your public city rickshaw. 

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